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WhatsApp download torrent

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WhatsApp download torrent

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Usually, WhatsApp apps are only available on mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry), but you can use it on your desktop with a new PC and Mac! You need to install the WhatsApp software to be able to directly chat with friends. A Mac or PC PC with Windows. Although it works well so far, it is far from the web and is original (work () {(‘new-app-page-desktop’)}};

You already know WhatsAppShow – a version that you can use from the browser.WhatsAppthe PC is the same, but you do not have to open the browser for use.

WhatsApp for PC is similar to software, so if you use it every day, it will not take you more time. This version offers everything you expect (the best screen) and offers you the opportunity to talk sending and receiving photos, documents and data, creating and managing groups , image data changes, and so on.

It seems to everyone, But there are some application disadvantages. For example, he does not agree to shareYour location and does not allow you to add new addresses.

Yes, even WhatsApp on PC is an easy-to-use alternative, It’s not something that changes the device all the time.

Everything is empty

To start using the PC version, you must first measure the first QR code using your mobile device if you want to go to the WhatsApp network. If you have questions about this process, click here for full instructions.

After scanning the code, WhatsApp account that you registeredon your phone, it will be connected to your new computer and you can start a conversation!

The option in the Desktop version is well organized (remembering whatsApp on Android). The fact is that it is not a great effort on your part to get what you want and just have fun talking at the speed of speed. The dialect. If you have a webcam and / or microphone, you can also send video / video / video clips.

Another good thing about using the computer version isInternet connection faster than on the phone, so data transfer is quick and easy.

For allWhatsApp on the PC works well, but it depends on the phone. You can talk directly from your computer, but your mobile device must be connected at any time. At this pace, put opponents like LINE iTelegram, everyone has their own privacy.

Does it pay off?

WhatsApp users have been praying for a desktop version for many years and eventually, though notAlthough the version can work well and looks the same as the phone version, there is no essential purpose for independent work. We can only hope that Facebook, which got the program in 2013, will recognize the availability, and the second update will give us a great surprise.

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