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Fotor Photo Editor 32 Bit AMORE Download

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Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Photo Editor 32 Bit AMORE Download

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Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor there is installed simple and easy to picture editor for Windows, which allows you to edit photos using the experience it in Photoshop.

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Exposure of your photos quickly, allowing them toadd Fotor even enter the gloss balance predominantly white, and saturation to adjust, sharpen / blur, vignette, or crop, straighten, rotate, and began to be.

Another scene offers AVaryyanty 1-13 crane may photos that have been taken to improve poor improvements illiusoportetre-light touch. There are also a large selection of professional photographers and designers design for Frontier. There are more than 60 effects, including Classic, Lomo, New York, Arts and vignette, more than 30 different frame styles. Even more impressive is Fotor Tilt-Shift Imageusually seen in the depths of the earth-SLR professional degrees;

Amazingly simple to use

Knaus despite these features, photography is very easy to use. There are consequences and, in particular, the work carried out enhancementsquodglip, which are also integrated with social networks havein the middle of your photos at once.

excellent results

In order to use the final product gives esque graphics experience Fotor Photoshop design without results. Added to spot interface, it makes your photos with pleasure eats.


I want to buy the bestchoice from all points Fotorbez professional search result as much as Photoshop and learn

Fotor Image Editor supports the following formatsJPG, JPE, JPEG, BMP, GIF TIF, GIF, CRW, CR2, NEF, ARW, SRF, SR2, PEF, Greeks, RW2 life RAF, DNG, our market, RWL, KDC, FFF


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